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Welcome to our british cattery Winterose (reg. number WCF 090145.76).

brikittenMy name is Elena, with my husband and I take care of the cats from our cattery. Some of our cats live with my dearest relatives: my mother, my grandmother, my sister. I live in the city of Yaroslavl, Russia. It is located not far from Moscow. We will definitely check all of our cats veterinarians and vaccinate them.We test our cats on FeLV, FIV and PKD. We feed our cats dry foods super-premium and fresh meat. We love to visit with our British cats and kittens international exhibition of cats, especially nice when nominated and win them our graduates. Learn more about our graduates, you can see in our photogallery.

I have been breeding British Shorthair cats following colors: bicolor and tricolor with orange eyes, blue eyes, and with odds eyes (cinnamon, fawn, tortie, chocolate, lilac, blue, red, cream) .

On our site you can see all of our cats, including cat cattery living in other homes, our alumni, kittens for sale, our plans for breeding.

If you want to buy us a kitten, then please contact us by e-mail.You can email me in english or russian.

Best Regards, Elena

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+7 920 653 12 48

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