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25 may 2015

We have 2 new litters!

18 may 2014

Our offspring Epica Winterose, British cat tortie van with odd eyes (BRI f 01 63), an exhibition in Germany became Best In Show of all breeds! And also won a prize Sonderpreis! We congratulate Svetlana successful debut with Epica!

severodvinsk-14 2

09 marсh 2014

Our graduate, British cat JENNIFER BATTEN WINTEROSE (BRI f 02, tortie harlequin) took part in the International Cats Show on system FARUS. Zhenya - received a nomination at the mono-breed Show British Shorthair, which took the 2nd place. She also received nominations for the BIS, and in the end she won experts, the exhibition became BEST of BEST!!!

Jennifer Batten WiNTEROSE 3 Jennifer Batten WiNTEROSE 4

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